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Camella, considered the largest homebuilder in the Philippines, with a proven track record of producing high-quality homes for over 40 years. Being in the industry for a long time, Camella has created a diverse range of high-quality homes set in world-class settings and dressed in awe-inspiring themes over the years. Green spaces, lifestyle facilities, and business establishments are all integrated into these master-planned neighborhoods.


The brand primes itself on elevating residences into safer places for families rather than just somewhere to live. We immerse you in the solitude of the countryside while keeping you close to the conveniences and accessibility of city life.


Camella is proud of its beautiful scenery of different communities all around the country. Every one of its townships is strategically located near business districts, transportation hubs, schools, general stores, shopping centers, clinics, churches, and attractions to provide its residents the best living experience. Camella is a producer of townships that assist your family in achieving a perfect living.


Also, the brand provides glimpses of natural surroundings with a refreshing breeze, providing the client with a memorable experience. To provide the best experience in every neighborhood, Camella wonderfully landscaped dedicated communities that have a clubhouse, including a basketball court and amenity area, wellness area, fitness gym, butterfly sanctuary, bird aviary, walking trails, pine trees, and jogging routes.

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